Laughter Yoga Helped Me Bring Joy To Others

Alessandra-italyAlessandra, Italy: Today, Laughter Yoga is helping me to live my dreams, without too many worries. My dream was to make people laugh and make them feel better by identifying positivity and talking to them and saying that “life is always beautiful”, and Laughter Yoga has fulfilled that for me.

Initially, I found many difficulties, first of all to let go of the mental convictions I had created over the years and let myself go freely, but now I am more and more open to the new adventures that life offers. In fact, with Laughter Yoga, I have learnt to increase my self-esteem, to believe in myself, to officially get out of my shyness and go beyond my mental barriers.

I started with sessions with some friends, and later opened a club, which helped me realise my dream of bringing more laughter and joy into the lives of others. Highly inspired and motivated by Dr. Kataria, I continued to spread the word of laughter through my regular sessions with different groups of people.

I also learned that it is precisely when there is nothing to laugh that we must carry forward the four elements of joy: laughter, song, dance and play and make them become a gift. I realised how important these four elements of joy were, when I had to deal with my husband’s accident. It gave a lot of courage to overcome the fear and trauma, while he was recovering in the hospital. I used to sing to him and to all the sick, thus trying to bring health into the hospital.

Laughter Yoga is now an integral part of my daily living. It has not only enhanced my self-confidence, but also improved my singing ability. Thanks to breathing and vocalisation, I can now sing without problems and safely. My laughter too has become more true and profound and today, if I want to laugh, I can always and anywhere.