Here is an inspiring account of Khevin Barnes, a cancer survivor, who used laughter as a partner with cancer for his health and healing.

Khevin Barnes: I was first introduced to the concept of using laughter to create beneficial deep breathing ten years ago, before male breast cancer entered my life. I learnt that breathing, if utilized properly was the gateway to good health. The simple act of laughter has a significant impact on not just our body, but also on our disposition and emotional state.

Most of us have shallow breath, occupying only the top area of our chest and lungs. Laughter actually forces us to breathe properly. A few minutes of laughing daily enables one to cope with challenges, even cancer. Though it does not cure, it has been shown to lower stress hormones while increasing endorphins in our bodies.

Scientific studies have shown that fake laughter has the same benefits as real laughter, but pretending to laugh often leads to a change of attitude. This ultimately initiates a chain of fun, spontaneous, deep belly laughter – the key to complete body – mind wellbeing.