Kim Tompson, a Laughter Yoga instructor in the Central Highlands, Australia, is helping women across the region to relieve the stress of everyday life through laughter. She started instructing them because she felt that laughter elevates the whole feeling of well-being and makes one feel great. In fact, participants in her session have already reported of the many health benefits they have experienced.

Ms Tompson is trying to get more and more people involved with Laughter Yoga because it is something everybody can do as it incorporates laughter, breathing exercises, playfulness and clapping. It helps to improve circulation, reduces heart disease and improves breathing.

Kim is encouraging the people to take to this unique concept of laughing for no reason, in order to live a healthy life of joy and happiness as she firmly believes that Laughter Yoga is one such exercise that works simultaneously on the mental, physical and emotional state and generates a feeling of complete wellness.

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Photo Courtesy: Aden Stokes